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FREERIDE BINDING Multi Usage 4 Seasons

FREERIDE BINDING Multi Usage 4 SeasonsMultiusage FREERIDE Binding Set White- ref.17MHACCBINFSET WFront knives custom designed  Aluminium, 16HW,  Black  Front knives Aluminium Top View, 16HW,  BlackStainless steel D4 Screws, Washers , Nilstop Bolts packEasy assembly on MORPHO Snowshoes base axis


NEW Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2017/2018

FREERIDE  Binding set Pair for Multipurposes utilizations along with MORPHO snowshoes bases: Winter Snowshoeing, Moorlands walking and Ponds floating 4 seasons, flat Backpacking

The Set Unit includes a Flexible TPR binding with two ratchet Snowboard type TOE straps and one rubber padded Heel strap simple buckle type, a custom designed Aluminium Front knive for flat snowy areas, moors and ponds and Stainless steel Screws(4), Washers(8) and Nilstop bolts(4)

Accepts all types of boots up to size 14.5 US ( 325 mondopoint)

Very light and technical. Good foot maintaining.

Ideal for long freeride journeys in Flat snowy areas, walking on Moorlands and  Water Weed cutting in Ponds

Fits all MORPHO snowshoes bases and Very easy to mount on your existing MORPHO snowshoes bases


  • Weight : 0.83 lb per binding unit set
  • Length : Boot sizes from 195 to 325 Mondopoint

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Public price, VAT included: 64,90 €

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